Robot Assembly

I have put most of my effort in assembling the robot and updating the assembly document while building. The main bot is now completed, except for the head and the grippers. I forgot to order the idle bearings for the MX-28 when I put in the big order back in January, but they should arrive in a couple of weeks. Also been sourcing parts for the head assembly, should arrive before Easter in addition to parts that need to be 3D printed.

Next step for the building part is to finish off wiring all the motors and power supply. For now the servos are running off the 12v10a SMPS power supply and the NUC is using its original power supply, so I need to look into batteries and wiring everything together. My idea is to add an On-Off-On switch between the NUC and the main power so I have the option of powering it either from batteries or the power supply. Alternatively it should be possible to power it from a external power supply while the batteries are charging without the need of powering down.